General Provisions

Section 1.
For aircraft using Bornholm Airport, charges shall be paid in accordance with the provisions of these tariff regulations.

(2) All charges are stated exclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT).

(3) VAT is added to the charges according to existing legislation.

Take-off Charges

Section 2.
The below charges shall be paid for each take-off, calculated on the basis of the maximum take-off mass of aircraft in accordance with the Certificate of Airworthiness/Flight Manual:


Each 1000 kg Commenced

Minimum Charge

a. Aircraft up to 2,000 kg:  

DKK 66.00

b. Aircraft over 2,000 kg:

DKK 36.00

DKK 168.00


(2) Reduction of or exemption from the above charges may be granted on the conditions stated in Section 3 and Section 7.

Section 3.
For flights made for the purpose of instruction and training, the take-off charge is paid in full, whereas subsequent take-off charges of this flight are reduced by 70%.

(2) For major series of flights contracted for the purpose of instruction and training the airport manager may fix special terms and conditions.

(3) In connection with flight made for the purpose of instruction and training, 'touch and go' or missed approach is considered as a take-off.

(4) Start of gliders with engine aircraft and start of aircraft with parachutists and start of ultralight aircraft are considered as flights made for the purpose of instruction and training.

(5) Prior written application for the grant of reduction should be made to the airport.

Passenger Charges

Section 4.
No passenger charges shall be paid for Bornholm Airport.

Parking Charges

Section 5.
For parking an aircraft for more than 6 hours outdoors at the airport, a parking charge of DKK 10.00 for each whole weight of 1,000 kg of the aircraft maximum take-off mass in accordance with its Certificate of Airworthiness/Flight Manual shall be paid for every 24 hours commenced beyond the said 6 hours. Minimum charge is DKK 36.00.

(2) In case of leasing for a period of not less than one month, the parking charge can be replaced by a rental fixed by agreement with the airport authority. The rental shall be paid in advance and is not refundable even if the parking period lasts less than one month. Sublease is not allowed.

Opening Charges

Section 6.
For opening and use of the airport outside normal opening hours, a charge of DKK 1,250.00 shall be paid for every hour commenced from the moment when the airport upon request has been opened and until aircraft handling, etc has been completed, or until the normal opening hour of the airport. However, if the existing regulations require fire fighting service, or if the fire fighting service has been called for, the charge is DKK 3,100.00.

(2) Opening charges shall be paid for each single aircraft even if the opening of the airport already has been asked for.

(3) If the opening of the airport is requested for simultaneous use by several aircraft belonging to the same airline, only one charge per hour commenced shall be paid calculated on the basis of the aircraft for which the highest charge is payable.

If the opening of the airport is requested 30 days in advance the opening charge will be reduced by 25%.

Exemption From Charges

Section 7.
The following flights will not be subject to paying the take-off charges mentioned in Section 2:

a. Flights made at the request of the Civil Aviation Administration to verify the airworthiness of an aircraft.

b. Test flight made by operators of commercial air traffic if the flight originates and terminates at Bornholm Airport without intermediate landing elsewhere.

c. Gliders with no propellant.

d. Flight in which the aircraft is diverted or forced to land (e.g. by technical reasons, bad weather, or the like) at the airport from which the take-off took place.

e. Flights made for the purpose of search and rescue operations.

f. Flights made by Danish and foreign military aircraft that are not entered on the civil aircraft registers.

g. Flights made by aircraft owned or leased by the Civil Aviation Administration.

h. Flights made by aircraft, including customs and police aircraft and inspection aircraft of foreign states, for the purpose of carrying representatives of foreign states or UN personnel.

(2) Prior written application for the grant of the reduction mentioned under (a), (b), and (c) above should be made to the airport.

(3) Flights made by aircraft mentioned under (e), (f), (g), and (h) above are exempted from payment of the parking charges mentioned in Section 5.

Other Provisions

Section 8.
Charges under these regulations shall be paid in cash to the Airport Office prior to each planned flight. However, if airlines or individuals regularly use the airport, arrangement can be made with the Airport Manager for settling of accounts periodically. The conditions of such arrangement are fixed in Section 9 below.

(2) Failing cash payment in case no arrangement has been made, an additional fee of DKK 60.00 can be demanded for each subsequent collection of charges.

(3) Non-payment of charges is subject to the provisions set forth under attachment or sale under an execution, of an aircraft or of any right therein, as contained in Section 71 and Section 146 of the Danish Air Navigation Act.

Section 9.
If an arrangement for settling of accounts periodically has been made according to Section 8, payment shall be made 30 days after the date of the invoice. The interest rate for overdue payment is fixed at 1,3% for each period of 30 days and billed on all overdue amounts, irrespective of the date of the payment. An administrative fee of DKK 50.00 will be charged for each production of a reminder.

(2) Where a debtor has not paid the full amount due, measures may be taken to enforce recovery by distress.

Section 10.
In the event of handling and for other services asked for, payment shall be made according to the account rendered.

Section 11.
Under special circumstances the Ministry of Transport can grant exemption from these tariff regulations.

(2) The Airport Manager can grant exemption where this is not of fundamental or major financial importance.

Section 12.
These regulations shall enter into force on 1 January 2001 and apply until further notice. At the same time the tariff regulations of 1 January 1998 are repealed.

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