Even though the summer climate on Bornholm is mild, and the island claims to  be the part of Denmark that boasts a maximum of sunshine and a minimum of rain, permanent sunny weather can obviously not be taken for granted. Fortunately the island's unique nature can be explored and enjoyed in all kinds of weather if only you are properly dressed.

Bornholm undergoes a nearly imperceptible change from summer to autumn. When the forest is fading the climate on "the rocky island" still remains  warm. This condition is maintained far into the autumn due to surrounding seawater  having been well warmed up during the summer season.

The early spring recurrently surprises by producing  exceptional light, which since ancient times has attracted and linked numeral artists to the island. Furthermore spring time offers a natural freshness brougtht about by the cool and healthy breezes from the sea.

DMI's forecast for Bornholm in English

Fri 26.5.2017

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