Bornholm Airport's history at a glance.

Bornholm Airport was opened for public air transport november 16th 1940 initiating scheduled passenger flights to Copenhagen on a daily basis. The landing area was a pear-shaped grass runway measuring 700 by 550 m.

Due to the airport´s remote position it acquired a great importance during World War 2, as hard winters together with mines and other war related dangers in the Danish sea waters were causing difficulties to maritime transport.

In the years to come Bornholm Airport was extended concurrently with the fast growing traffic. Today the airport appears as a fully modern facility relating to passenger facilities as well as technical equipment. The air terminal, founded in 1982, measures 3000 square meters and houses all facilities necessary to provide an optimum service. Likewise, the airport is technically well equipped. The main runway measures 2000 by 45 meters and is consequently able to serve aircraft of a size up to a maximum of e.g. Airbus A300, seating a number of aprx. 290 passengers. Instrument Landing System (ILS) is available for aircraft approaching the runway both from the east and the west. Bornholm Airport is operated by Trafikstyrelsen. The numerous daily domestic services from/to Copenhagen are flown by DAT, and during the summer season charter flights to several foreign destinations are available.

Historical review in particulars.

The first flight from Bornholm took place on June 1st 1912 from the location "Galløkken" near Rønne. A certain mr. Severinsen had on the initiative from the athletic association "Viking" taken a ship to Bornholm bringing with him his mono-plane. A large number of spectators witnessed Mr. Severinsen flying at tree top height for a duration of a minute or so.

In the beginning of the nineteen-thirties the virtual demand of domestic air traffic in Denmark was growing, as several Danish airports spread all over the country were founded. Due to the isle of Bornholm´s remote location it appeared unproblematic to create interest for a local airport.

January 10th 1935:

During an assembly involving representatives from the Danish Parliament, the Municipality of Rønne, and DDL ("Det Danske Luftfartsselskab", i.e. The Danish Air Lines), initiation of an air service linking Copenhagen and Rønne was decided. The agreement of founding an air field on a location near Arnager south-east of Rønne was attained by the interested parties involved.


The Municipality of Rønne takes over the acreage near Arnager, at that time a forest-clad piece of nature amounting to aprx. 16 acres.

December 16th 1936:

The first general meeting is held establishing a joint stock company, "The Air Field of Bornholm."

Spring time 1937:

Work clearing away the forest and establishing the air field commence.

November 9th 1939:

The Danish air transport authorities issue an approval for the air strip being a temporary installation restricted with particular conditions due to an indulgent runway surface suffering from inadequate carrying capacity .

November 28th 1939:

The DDL carry out the first scheduled flight Copenhagen-Rønne, but the services cease a few days later - the grass surface appears to be too battered, and necessary technical equipment, e.g. radio installations, still need to be supplied.

September 6th 1940:

The Danish air transport authorities issue the proof of approval permitting take-off and landing during daylight hours. The landing area is a pear-shaped grass runway ranging to a maximum length of 700 meters in the direction NW-SE, and a minimum length of 550 meters available in the direction NE-SW.

November 16th 1940:

Inauguration of "The Air Field of Bornholm, Inc." is celebrated, and the DDL instantly commence scheduled flights on a daily basis from and to Copenhagen. In the year of 1940 the number of passengers amounts to 887. Only one year later the number of pax appears to be increasing to 13.397.

November 1941:

The first building erected at the airport is inaugurated.

1944, spring time:

Grass runway is extended to a length of 1100 meters.

January 1st 1947:

The State of Denmark assume ownership of the air field, simultaneously changing its name to "Rønne Airport."

October 27th 1950:

SAS (the "Scandinavian Airlines System") take over operations on the air route Copenhagen-Rønne. At this time DDL together with the Swedish ABA and the Norwegian DNL is forming a parent company of the SAS.


A brand new asphalt runway measuring 1600 by 45 meters is taken into use, Rønne Airport is now available to aircraft of Convair Metropolitan type.

December 12th 1961:

Inauguration of the very first air terminal is celebrated.


The runway is extended to a length of 2000 meters in connection with the first performance of flights with aircraft of Caravelle and DC9 types. ILS (Instrument Landing System) to runway 29 is established.


The present tower building is taken into use.

May 4th 1982:

The air terminal of Rønne Airport is inaugurated.

1982, October:

Maersk Air take over the operations on the Copenhagen-Rønne air route.


Instrument Landings System to runway 11 is established.

October 25th 1992:

The name of the airport is changed from Rønne Airport to Bornholm Airport. The accomplishment of this change is based on a wish expressed by local buisness people with grounds for improving possibilities of marketing Bornholm.

May 13th 2002:

Cimber Sterling take over operations of the domestic route Copenhagen-Bornholm.
Maersk Air, who have operated this route since October 1982, have decided to suspend the route, which in recent years has failed to provide a satisfactory result.

July 1st 2005:

DAT (Danish Air Transport) starts operating the domestic route Copenhagen-Bornholm v.v. in competition with Cimber Sterling.

Summer 2007:
Summer routes to Hamburg, Oslo and Billund.

September 2007:
DAT stops operating the postal flights.

July 15. 2008:
DAT stops operations at Bornholm.

August 23. 2009:
Wings of Bornholm starts operating the domestic route Copenhagen-Bornholm v.v. in competition with Cimber Sterling.

May 1st 2010:
Wings of Bornholm stops operating.

May 3rd 2012:
Cimber Sterling stops operating and Danisk Air Transport (DAT) is taking over operations between Copenhagen and Bornholm.

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